2 Bays 180 x 90 x 30cm Blue 5 Tier Boltless Shelving Unit (175kg Load Weight Per Tier) Plus Workbench

180 90 30 cm
Two bays of our slimline five tier boltless shelving, with a 30cm shelf depth, and an included 90 x 120 x 60cm workbench.
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180 90 30 cm

Product Specification

  • Five tiers of 90 x 30cm shelves
  • Moisture-resistant 5mm thick shelves capable of holding up to 175kg
  • Rubber feet for optimum stability
  • Boltless design for quick and easy assembly
  • Long-lasting rust-resistant coating to metal work
  • Moisture-resistant MDF shelves
  • Adjustable shelf height and layout to fit your needs
  • Included two-tier 90 x 120 x 60cm workbench


Parts in Box

  • 8 x 90cm Upright
  • 10 x 30cm Side Beam
  • 10 x 90cm Front/Back Beam
  • 10 x 30cm Beam Tie
  • 5 x MDF Boards
  • 4 x Upright Connectors
  • 8 x Feet
  • 2 x Unit Connectors

For the Workbench:

  • 4 x 90cm Upright
  • 4 x 60cm Side Beam
  • 4 x 120cm Front/Back Beam
  • 4 x 60cm Beam Tie
  • 2 x MDF Boards
  • 8 x Feet
180 90 30 cm

A great value offer to get two of our slimline, free standing five tier units, and one of our heavy duty workbenches, for when you need more storage.

As tall and wide as our standard racking, but with a shelf depth of only 30cm to help you make the most of your storage when space is at a premium, these freestanding boltless shelves are ideal for use in sheds, galley kitchens, or anywhere else you need to keep things organised.

The secure boltless design uses metal tabs on each piece of the frame, rather than screws or bolts, to fix the racking together safely, achieving a massive load weight per shelf of 175kg (875kg per unit), while being quick and easy to assemble.

The 0.8mm thick steel framework has a corrosion-resistant powder coating, and the 5mm thick MDF boards that make up the shelves have a moisture-resistant treatment to keep your shelves in great condition even under heavy use.

If you are using your shelving in an area of high damp or humidity, or if there's a chance that they might become wet, then you should paint or varnish your MDF boards with any oil-based wood finish product to add further protection. Ensuring use in a ventilated area is also recommended.

With each tier being completely adjustable, you can set the height of your shelves to suit your needs, and if you need additional space you can buy extra shelves here on the website.

All G-Rack shelves come guaranteed, so that even if you do have any issues you can contact us directly on the phone or through email, and one of our customer service team will be happy to help.

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