1. The Benefits of Corner Shelving

    The Benefits of Corner Shelving

    If someone asks you how to get the most out of corners, you might think of scoring from a set-piece in football or licking the lid of a Muller yoghurt. At G-Rack, we think about maximising floor space with corner shelving units. 

    When setting up storage, it's easy to forget about the corners of the room. It's an underutilised zone that can make a big difference to your space, whether it's a garage, shed, stockroom or warehouse. 

    Here's a quick guide to help you create extra storage space with a little help from some corner racking. 

    Benefits of corner racks

    There are so many reasons to include a corner unit in your storage set-up. They will:

    • Create more storage space
    • Keep your items organised
    • Look great in any setting 

    First, let's take a look at how they create that extra room. The G-Rack corner shelving solution fits perfectly into corners, turning

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  2. How to create storage space in a small house

    How to create storage space in a small house

    You don't hear of many people complaining about having too much space in their home. That's because storage space is often at a premium, and maximising it can be tricky. So, we thought we'd walk you through how to maximise storage space in a small house.

    Step 1: Have a good clear-out

    The first step towards creating more storage space in your home is to get rid of what you don't use, and doing this has a range of benefits. 

    • It will save you time: An organised space means that you won't be digging through piles of mess to find things
    • It will improve your wellbeing: Studies show that 80% of people in the UK admit that the state of their house influences how they feel. Less mess, less stress
    • It will save you money: Many people with cluttered homes end up re-buying things that they can't find among the clutter

    So, it's well worth having a good clear out, and doing it is simple. Try to recruit someone

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  3. How to create more storage in your home

    How to create more storage in your home

    Keeping the house tidy probably feels like an impossible task. But what if we told you that it doesn't have to be? With the help of some shelving and racking, you can stop the mess before it starts. So, we put together this guide to help you build create more storage space in your home.

    Nobody likes a cluttered house. But, it can be pretty easy to let your home descend into an untidy nightmare. In the UK, 47% of people admit that they would stop people coming into their house because of clutter.

    It will come as no surprise that a messy living space can also affect your mood. Studies show that 80% of people say that the state of their house influences how they feel. On top of this, 61% of households said they argue about clutter at least once per week.

    Now, we know that every household is different. Whether you just have one room that's the culprit for your clutter, or you could do with some storage for the whole house, we've got it covered.

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  4. How to organise your garden shed with shelving and racking

    How to organise your garden shed with shelving and racking

    Has your shed become a hazardous dump for clutter? Do you throw in your summer gear, lock the door, and forget about it until June? If so, it's time to clear it out and get organised with some garden shed shelving and racking.

    Now, we're not saying your shed needs to look as good as your living room. It's not somewhere you need to start exercising your interior design skills. It is, though, a space that can come in handy for lots of things and should be kept neat and tidy.

    In the UK, 32% of people admit that their shed is so messy that they can't even get through the door. Looking at that statistic, we'd imagine the overall number of cluttered sheds is pretty high.

    So, we thought we'd write a quick guide on how to transform shed into a practical and organised space to suit your needs. We decided to break it down into six simple steps for you to follow:

    • Think
    • Clear out
    • Sort
    • Plan
    • Store
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  5. How to declutter your garage space with shelving and racking

    How to declutter your garage space with shelving and racking

    When you think of the garage, you probably think of a neatly organised hub of all things DIY. But let's face it, that's probably not the case. Many of us end up turning our garages into a makeshift tip that you enter at your own risk. If this is you, then its time to think about de-cluttering, and at G-Rack, we have a fantastic range of garage storage solutions to get you started.

    Tidying the garage is likely to be at the bottom of your to-do list, alongside organising your desktop and sorting your inbox. But don't worry, you're not alone.

    In the UK, 39% of drivers say they can no longer fit their car in the garage due to mess. A RAC study showed that 4.6 million of Britain's 10.6 million garages are used solely for storing clutter.

    So, if you're within the 50% of UK homeowners who admit that the garage is the most dis-organised area of the house, you might want to check out G-Rack's guide to de-cluttering the garage.

    Start Decluttering 

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  6. De-clutter your home this Christmas with 3 simple steps

    De-clutter your home this Christmas with 3 simple steps

    The holiday season is underway, and that means a few things; you'll be starting your Christmas shopping, stockpiling bottles of Baileys, and dusting off the Michael Bublé Christmas album. However, you might be forgetting the most important job of them all - de-cluttering the house in time for Christmas.

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  7. How to optimise your business storage: Ultralight Outdoor Gear

    How to optimise your business storage: Ultralight Outdoor Gear

    A little organisation can go a long way, and this was certainly the case for Ultralight Outdoor Gear when they chose our shelving units to implement a new storage format in their warehouse.

    By creating an efficient storage system for your business, you can start making the most of your floor space, save time and money, and overall, provide a first-class, reliable service to your customers. We thought we'd walk you through how UOG did all this and transformed their warehouse management process with a little help from some G-Rack industrial storage racks!

     Ultralight Outdoor Gear:

    First, let us tell you a little about the company. Ultralight Outdoor Gear is passionate about the outdoors, and their expertise and excellent products have led them to become industry leaders in lightweight outdoor gear. They bring together all of the best lightweight

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  8. How to find the right storage for your home this autumn

    How to find the right storage for your home this autumn

    The autumn is great for a lot of things; beautiful scenery, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, crisp morning air, the list goes on. However, it might not have crossed your mind that autumn is a fantastic time to get your house organised before the busy winter period, and that's where we come in!

    Organising your home is hugely beneficial; less mess means less time spent cleaning, fewer accidents, and an overall sense of happiness that comes from a neat and tidy living space. With all this in mind, we thought we'd walk you through how our range of home storage solutions can organise your clutter this season.

    Firstly, it all depends on the room you're organising, and how much space you have. Let's say you're looking for bedroom shelves - you might want to check out our reduced space shelving range. These five-tier units are perfect for organising kid's toys, books, boxes, and

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  9. Customer Profile: Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe

    Customer Profile: Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe

    Here at G-Rack, we love to see how you're using your shelving units. We feel that our shelves are a market-leading home storage solution, but you shouldn't just take our word for it, right? We believe that, instead of us telling you how good our products are, it's more beneficial for you to see how others have put their racks to use.

    Recently, we were contacted by some customers who loved their shelves so much that they wanted to tell us about their experience, and also order a few more!

    Mr and Mrs Sucliffe needed to organise their log cabin, and they were looking for something to store their suitcases, bedding, folding chairs, and more.

    They decided to go for some G-Rack 180x120x45cm shelving units. These units hold a massive 175kg of evenly distributed weight per shelf, that's a whopping 875kg per unit, a capacity that meant they could store their items confidently and safely.

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  10. Nostalgic British Cars

    Nostalgic British Cars

    When it comes to organising your stockrooms, storerooms, or warehouses, you can't go wrong with the G-Rack heavy-duty shelving range. Our friends over at Nostalgic British Cars thought the same and transformed their storeroom with our 180x90x45cm shelving units.

    The company, operating since 1984, specialises in parts for classic British cars such as Aston Martins, Minis, Jaguars, and more. Our shelving racks were a natural fit for them, as they're the perfect storage solution for boxes, tools, and heavier items.

    Our heavy-duty units have a 1.2mm thick steel frame and 6.8mm MDF boards which give a maximum load weight of 265kg per shelf. The units come with five tiers, so each full unit takes a maximum load weight

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