1. Living on a Rack

    Living on a Rack

    Here at G-Rack, we get a lot of questions about storing tanks/cages on our shelving units. Whether you're re-locating your fish, hamsters, spiders, or lizards, we can help you find the right storage solution for you and your animals.

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  2. Getting Organised this Half Term

    Getting Organised this Half Term

    Half term can be a stressful time - the kids are off, the house is messy, and you're constantly stepping on clutter. Luckily, we can help you with that - our range of home storage units are the perfect solution for getting the house organised.

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  3. Building the Perfect Racking System

    Building the Perfect Racking System

    Do you ever find yourself pondering life’s biggest questions? Things like; how did the universe begin? What's the meaning of life? And finally, how do I build the perfect shelving system? We can’t help you with the first two, but we can certainly help you optimize your home storage space.

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  4. Heavy Duty Racking

    Our strongest racking brings the most storage we have to offer; these ultra-heavy-duty four tier shelves offer you 400kg of evenly distributed load weight per tier (1600kg across the full unit).

    Available in two sizes (150 x 60cm, and 120 x 60cm) these shelves use 1.5mm thick powder coated steel beams and 15mm thick MDF boards to create extra-strong and durable racking for your garage, store room or warehouse.

    Now, we know what you’re thinking; 1600kg sounds like a decent amount of weight, but what does that means in a completely arbitrary list of nonsense?

    Welcome to another handy G-Rack buying guide.

    • You could fit just shy of 1/8th of Big Ben (that is the bell inside the tower, and not the tower itself). Currently debating how much money it is going to cost to get it to chime on Brexit day, if we simply wanted to take it away and store it, we would only need 9 of our shelves to hold it.
    • 2 and a half F1 cars (excluding f
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  5. New Year, New You, New Shelves

    New Year, New You, New Shelves

    The leftover turkey is finally gone, the boxes of Christmas chocolates are down to the ones nobody really likes, and you’re just about up to date with the day of the week – and whether or not the bins are going to be collected.

    The clocks have clicked forward into a new decade and in a moment of madness you decided that your resolution this year is going to be getting more organised.

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  6. Rack the Halls

    Rack the Halls

    We're less than one month away from Christmas (how did that happen?) and, it's officially ok to start discussing the festive season. As exciting as this time of year is, it doesn't come without its problems; de-icing the car in the morning, last-minute shopping, and of course, finding storage space for all the new stuff you've acquired over Christmas.

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  7. 2 Degrees of Upright Connectors

    2 Degrees of Upright Connectors

    You’ve probably heard of the Six Degrees of Separation theory; the idea that every person on the planet is connected by 6 links. You may even have played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, to connect all actors to Kevin Bacon in 6 films or fewer. But what about actual, real-world connections that matter?
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  8. What’s in a rack?

    What’s in a rack?

    You may have heard recently that G-Rack is the place to get great racks (thanks to a well-known national radio for the shout out!), but you’re not exactly sure what a G-Rack shelf is – well let us fill you in.

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  9. How fast can you build a G-Rack Shelving Unit?

    How fast can you build a G-Rack Shelving Unit?

    We know you’re busy. You’ve got things to do and people to see. You don’t have infinite amounts of time to build your shelves and reorganise your garage. That’s why we created our shelving and racking units with a no-nonsense boltless design, so they can be built as quickly and easily as possible. But how quick? Are we talking knock one together during an ad break (not that you watch TV with ads anymore…) or closer to the run time of your favourite blockbuster?
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  10. How tall is a G-Rack shelving Unit?

    How tall is a G-Rack shelving Unit?

    Our basic, free-standing five tier shelving units are built with an easily packed-flat design, where each 180cm leg is constructed from two 90cm uprights, joined together with a steel connector for a sturdy performance.

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