1. How to optimise your business storage: Ultralight Outdoor Gear

    How to optimise your business storage: Ultralight Outdoor Gear

    A little organisation can go a long way, and this was certainly the case for Ultralight Outdoor Gear when they chose our shelving units to implement a new storage format in their warehouse.

    By creating an efficient storage system for your business, you can start making the most of your floor space, save time and money, and overall, provide a first-class, reliable service to your customers. We thought we'd walk you through how UOG did all this and transformed their warehouse management process with a little help from some G-Rack industrial storage racks!

    Ultralight Outdoor Gear:

    First, let us tell you a little about

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  2. How to find the right storage for your home this autumn

    How to find the right storage for your home this autumn

    The autumn is great for a lot of things; beautiful scenery, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, crisp morning air, the list goes on. However, it might not have crossed your mind that autumn is a fantastic time to get your house organised before the busy winter period, and that's where we come in!

    Organising your home is hugely beneficial; less mess means less time spent cleaning, fewer accidents, and an overall sense of happiness that comes from a neat and tidy living space. With all this in mind, we thought we'd walk you through how our range of home storage solutions can organise your clutter this season.

    Firstly, it all depends on the room you're organising, and how much space you have. Let's say you're looking for bedroom shelves - you might want to check out our reduced space shelving range. These five-tier units are perfect for organising kid's toys, books, boxes, and

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  3. Customer Profile: Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe

    Customer Profile: Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe

    Here at G-Rack, we love to see how you're using your shelving units. We feel that our shelves are a market-leading home storage solution, but you shouldn't just take our word for it, right? We believe that, instead of us telling you how good our products are, it's more beneficial for you to see how others have put their racks to use.

    Recently, we were contacted by some customers who loved their shelves so much that they wanted to tell us about their experience, and also order a few more!

    Mr and Mrs Sucliffe needed to organise their log cabin, and they were looking for something to store their suitcases, bedding, folding chairs, and more.

    They decided to go for some G-Rack 180x120x45cm shelving units. These units hold a massive 175kg of evenly distributed weight per shelf, that's a whopping 875kg per unit, a capacity that meant they could store their items confidently and safely.

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  4. Nostalgic British Cars

    Nostalgic British Cars

    When it comes to organising your stockrooms, storerooms, or warehouses, you can't go wrong with the G-Rack heavy-duty shelving range. Our friends over at Nostalgic British Cars thought the same and transformed their storeroom with our 180x90x45cm shelving units.

    The company, operating since 1984, specialises in parts for classic British cars such as Aston Martins, Minis, Jaguars, and more. Our shelving racks were a natural fit for them, as they're the perfect storage solution for boxes, tools, and heavier items.

    Our heavy-duty units have a 1.2mm thick steel frame and 6.8mm MDF boards which give a maximum load weight of 265kg per shelf. The units come with five tiers, so each full unit takes a maximum load weight

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  5. Summer Shelves

    Summer Shelves

    Summer is here, and it's time to dig out the seasons' essentials; The BBQ, the patio furniture, kids paddling pool, and that questionable pair of flip flops that everyone hoped you'd left behind on your last holiday. Sounds easy, right? Well, for many of you, it means digging through the cluttered mine-field that is the garage or shed, and we'd imagine you're in no hurry to do that.

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  6. Get organised this bank holiday!

    Get organised this bank holiday!

    You can't beat a good bank holiday - it's a great time to relax with the family, fire up the BBQ, and enjoy the weather in the garden (hopefully!). However it's also the perfect opportunity to crack on with those odd jobs you've been meaning to do; whether you're fixing things around the house, organising clutter, or working in the shed, we've got just what you need to get going.

    We'll start things off with the DIY enthusiasts amongst you - Our workbenches are a fantastic addition to your garage/shed space. They can hold a massive 300KG per shelf when evenly loaded, that's a huge 600KG per workbench, thanks to the twin beam ties under each shelf level to give extra support to each shelf, and 6.8mm thick MDF boards to help spread the load across the frame with our bowing or sagging. We also do a great range of heavy-duty

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  7. Organising Your Home Office

    Organising Your Home Office

    Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, many of us are now working from home, and it can take some getting used to.

    The morning commute is now a 10-step walk, the dog spends the entire day staring at you, and you've now got to work out how to transform the spare room into office space - luckily, our fantastic range of home storage solutions can help with that last part.

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  8. Optimising your Workspace

    Optimising your Workspace

    As the old saying goes, a bad workman blames his tools. We don't specialise in tools here at G-Rack, but our home storage furniture products can help create the perfect workspace, so there will be no blaming the tool station!

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  9. Shelve Tuesday

    Shelve Tuesday

    Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day) marks the start of Lent, which is the process of Christians obtaining absolution for their sins. Here at G-Rack, we think there's no bigger sin than failing to optimise your storage space!

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  10. Living on a Rack

    Living on a Rack

    Here at G-Rack, we get a lot of questions about storing tanks/cages on our shelving units. Whether you're re-locating your fish, hamsters, spiders, or lizards, we can help you find the right storage solution for you and your animals.

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