How to Optimise your Business Storage: Ultralight Outdoor Gear

A little organisation can go a long way, and this was certainly the case for Ultralight Outdoor Gear when they chose our shelving units to implement a new storage format in their warehouse.

By creating an efficient storage system for your business, you can start making the most of your floor space, save time and money, and overall, provide a first-class, reliable service to your customers. We thought we'd walk you through how UOG did all this and transformed their warehouse management process with a little help from some G-Rack industrial storage racks!

 Ultralight Outdoor Gear:

First, let us tell you a little about the company. Ultralight Outdoor Gear is passionate about the outdoors, and their expertise and excellent products have led them to become industry leaders in lightweight outdoor gear. They bring together all of the best lightweight gear under one roof, saving you the hassle of shopping around for different equipment. They have grown consistently since their formation, and they've assembled an expert team to give you the best advice on outdoor products. So, when you're planning your next adventure, we'd recommend giving them a call!

They sell everything from clothing, tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags, torches, stoves you name it; so it's no surprise that a company with such a vast product catalogue needed an efficient processing system, and that's where our products came in.

What G-Rack Shelving units did they use?

They used our 180x90x60cm stainless steel shelving units to build their warehouse system. These units are part of our heavy-duty range, and they have a load weight of 265kg per tier, that's a massive 1325kg per rack! Each unit is manufactured to our design specification using a steel frame with rolled edge sides for extra strength. The beam ties give each shelf extra support, along with 6.88mm thick MDF boards to help spread the load across the frame.

All these features make our shelves the ultimate warehouse racking solution, as they comfortably meet the needs of industrial environments. These easy-build shelving units assemble in no time, due to their boltless design, so you won't need to mess about with any nuts and bolts.

How did this improve their operation?

Ultralight Outdoor Gear managed to double the number of orders they get out the door by adding extra shelves to their units and using storage bins to organise components; this helped them increase their picking speed and accuracy.

Alex Nicholson, core operations manager at UOG, said: "We moved over to using the heavy-duty racks after years of using racking from another supplier. We find them to be much more robust for not a lot extra in terms of cost. Also, little things like the cut corners on the shelving boards speed up assembly time."

Setting up business storage in an organised manner can vastly improve any companies efficiency; this helps streamline the business process, improve inventory control, increase processing speed, and overall, save time.

You can view our full range of steel storage racks here, and you ou can see how other companies benefitted from our storage products here.

If you have any questions on how our cost-effective storage solutions can help transform your warehouse and maximise your businesses storage space, feel free to drop us an email at or call our UK team on 0191 500 6000. For all your outdoor needs, head to the Ultralight Outdoor Gear website here.