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How to Organise Your Garden Shed with Shelving and Racking

20 Garden Shed Ideas: Ways to Organise Garden Shed with Shelving and Racking

Is your garden shed resembling more of a cluttered mess than useful storage space? Do you find yourself cramming in your summer essentials, locking the door, and leaving it neglected until the warmer months roll around? If this sounds familiar, it's time to declutter and introduce some savvy garden shed shelving and racking solutions.

Now, we're not suggesting your shed must rival your living room's elegance. It's not a room where you must showcase your interior design prowess. However, it is a space with great potential for various purposes and should be kept organised and tidy. In the UK, 32% of individuals confess that their shed is so chaotic they struggle to step inside. Given this statistic, it's safe to assume that cluttered sheds are a widespread issue.

Hence, we've put together a brief guide on how to turn your shed into a functional and orderly area tailored to your requirements.

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Steps to Organise a Small Garden Shed 

If you want the best garden shed, here are six simple steps for you to follow:

1. Think About How You Want to Use Your Shed

Think about how you want to use your shed. Are you a DIY garden shed wizard looking to set up a workshop? Do you want to turn it into a bike shed? Or do you want a more organised storage space? Before you start decluttering your shed, it's important to ask yourself a few questions. Think about how you plan to use the space after you've organised it. Knowing your goals will help you decide what to keep and discard.

2. Clear out

The best garden shed ideas start with clearing everything out. First, you want to empty the small garden shed. That's right, get everything out onto the garden so you can see what you've got. This will allow you to work out what's worth keeping, what you need to get rid of, and things you may need to add. The best way to create the best garden shed is by clearing the clutter.  

3. Sort What You Want to Keep

Sort out what you want to keep. You might have some old garden equipment that no longer works, general household clutter, and furniture that's seen better days. It's best to remove these things first and focus on what you want to keep. By separating what you want and don't need, you can make this process a lot easier. Typically, garden sheds are small, so you'll want to be ruthless here. Only keep the items that you will use. Small garden shed ideas, and designs should be based on sorting out according to the needs. 

4. Plan Your Layout

Plan garden shed ideas and layout a shed design. It's time to create some zones for your garden shed. First, consider the design that suits your needs. For instance, if you plan to set up a workshop, you must designate an area for a workbench and another for your tools and components. Remember to make space for things like the lawnmower that will return to your shed. If you intend to use your shed for storage, it's essential to categorise the items to help you easily locate them. Organising your stuff will make it easier to find what you need. Lastly, ensure that you measure the space you have available before you begin setting up the zones. Knowing the exact dimensions you have to work with will help you plan your zones better.

5. Find The Right Storage System

Now, this is where G-Rack comes in. Find the right shed storage with our garden shed shelving ideas. We have a wide range of garden shed storage to help you maximise your space. We know garden sheds vary in size, so we've broken down our products to help you find the right storage. We design our standard shed shelving and racking to help you keep things organised while maximising your floor space. Our shelves have a robust metal construction, with stainless steel support beams and rubber feet for extra durability.


6. Maintain

Keep it tidy with some regular maintenance. Dedicate a little time to maintaining your newly organised shed, whether once a week or once a month. Simple things like tidying up after a DIY garden shed job or putting the hedge clippers back in the right place can make a huge difference.

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10 Garden Shed Shelving Ideas

Here are 10 garden shed shelving ideas incorporating various shelving systems:

1. Boltless Shelving System

Install boltless shelving for hassle-free assembly and versatile storage. These shelves are adjustable, allowing you to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes effortlessly. G-Rack shelving units are designed for hassle-free assembly and customisation so you can revamp your storage space effortlessly. We offer various options, including 2-tier and 5-tier boltless shelving units and shelving parts for added flexibility. Our metal boltless shelving units are crafted from sturdy materials and can handle loads of up to 175 kg per shelf, ensuring durability and reliability. 

2. Corner Shelving Units

Utilise corner shelving units to maximise space efficiency. These units fit snugly into corners, providing additional storage without occupying valuable floor space. With easy assembly and durable construction, these corner shelf units provide efficient and accessible storage.

3. Warehouse Racks

Incorporate warehouse racks for robust storage solutions. These racks are designed to withstand heavy loads, making them ideal for storing bulky items like bags of compost or large garden tools. 5 tier boltless racking and shelving unit's sturdy design and versatile configuration options ensure seamless organisation and easy access.

4. Widespan Racks

Consider using widespan racks to store oversized items like plant pots, gardening equipment, or watering cans. These racks offer ample shelving space for organising bulky and irregularly shaped items. The widespan shelving system boosts storage capacity, organisation, and accessibility, enabling homeowners to optimise storage and declutter their surroundings for residential spaces. It can accommodate a variety of items, including household goods, tools, and equipment, providing homeowners with a reliable solution for their storage needs. The easy installation and low maintenance make it a convenient choice for both industrial and home environments. The result is a functional, organised space that can help create a more efficient and productive environment.

 5. Heavy-Duty Shelving

Invest in heavy-duty shelving to support the weight of tools, machinery, and equipment. These shelves are engineered to withstand substantial loads, ensuring durability and stability in your shed. With exceptional durability and adjustable shelves, these customisable 2, 3, and 5-tier boltless heavy-duty shelving units offer the perfect combination of strength and versatility for all your storage needs.

6. Garage Shelving Systems

Consider garage shelving systems for their versatility and strength. These shelves are adaptable to various storage needs, from organising gardening supplies to housing DIY tools and equipment. Garage shelves provide exceptional durability and strength to withstand even the most challenging demands.

7. Overhead Storage Racks

Install overhead storage racks to capitalise on vertical space. These racks are ideal for storing seasonal items or lesser-used equipment, keeping them out of the way while maximising floor space.

8. Modular Shelving Units

Choose modular shelving units for their customisable design. These units can be arranged and reconfigured to suit changing storage requirements, offering flexibility as your shed's contents evolve.

9. Stackable Shelving Cubes

Employ stackable shelving cubes for convenient organisation. These modular cubes can be stacked vertically to create custom storage configurations, perfect for grouping and categorising smaller gardening supplies.

10. Rolling Shelving Carts or Trolleys

Utilise rolling shelving carts or trolleys for mobility and accessibility. These carts feature wheels for easy manoeuvrability, allowing you to transport gardening tools and supplies effortlessly around your shed or garden.

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10 Small Garden Shed Decorating Ideas

Here are some 10 brilliant small garden shed ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.

Choose Vibrant Garden Shed Paint Colour Ideas: 

  • Inject personality into your small garden shed by selecting vibrant paint colours. 
  • Opt for cheerful hues like sunny yellow, vibrant green, or sky blue to add a pop of colour to your outdoor space. 
  • Consider painting the door a contrasting colour to make it stand out.

Creative Garden Shed Decorating Ideas: 

  • Get creative with your garden shed decorating ideas to infuse character into the space. 
  • Hang decorative bunting or fairy lights along the eaves for a whimsical touch. 
  • Incorporate potted plants or window boxes filled with colourful flowers to add charm and texture to the exterior.

 Explore Garden Shed Colour Ideas: 

  • Explore a range of garden shed colour ideas to find the perfect shade for your outdoor retreat. 
  • Consider earthy tones like terracotta or sage green for a natural look.
  • Or opt for bold colours like deep red or navy blue for a statement finish.

 Embrace Natural Light with a Garden Shed with Windows: 

  • Maximise natural light in your small garden shed by choosing a design with windows. Not only do windows brighten up the interior space, but they also provide views of your garden and allow for ventilation. 
  • Consider adding window boxes filled with trailing plants for a picturesque touch.

Personalise with Decorative Accents: 

  • Personalise your garden shed with decorative accents that reflect your style and interests. 
  • To add character, hang vintage signs, quirky ornaments, or salvaged architectural pieces on the walls. 
  • Display garden tools or vintage gardening equipment as decorative features.

 Create a Cosy Outdoor Retreat: 

  • Transform your small garden shed into a cosy outdoor retreat where you can relax and unwind. 
  • Add comfortable seating, cushions, and throws to create a welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Hang a hammock or install a small bistro outside the shed for alfresco lounging.

 Utilise Vertical Space for Storage and Decoration: 

  • Use vertical storage solutions to make the most of the limited floor space in your small garden shed. 
  • Install shelves, hooks, or pegboards on the walls to organise gardening tools and supplies. 
  • Use hanging baskets or wall-mounted planters to display herbs, succulents, or trailing vines.

 Incorporate Natural Materials: 

  • Enhance the rustic charm of your garden shed by incorporating natural materials into the decor. 
  • Use reclaimed wood for shelving or panelling, and add woven baskets or wicker storage boxes for a tactile touch. 
  • Add a trellis or climbing plants to the exterior for a verdant backdrop.

 Introduce Artistic Touches: 

  • Infuse artistic flair into your small garden shed by incorporating hand-painted murals or decorative stencils. 
  • Consider painting a floral motif or a whimsical scene on the exterior walls to create a focal point. 
  • Hang framed artwork or sculptures inside the shed to add interest and intrigue.

 Create a Relaxing Ambiance with Lighting: 

  • Set the mood in your garden shed by adding ambient lighting. 
  • Install fairy or string lights along the ceiling or around the windows for a magical glow. 
  • Place lanterns or solar-powered lamps outside the shed to illuminate the pathway and create a welcoming ambience. 
  • Opt for soft, warm lighting to create a cosy atmosphere perfect for evening relaxation.


G-Rack shed racking comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We have widespan shelving for those of you with a larger shed space. If you need more room, check out our reduced-space shelving, which is perfect when there's little room to spare. The G-Rack range includes heavy-duty shed shelving with a massive 265kg load weight per tier, ideal for intensive use with heavier bits of kit. All our shelving units are free-standing and can be combined using bay connectors to assemble a shed racking system. A system can be set up neatly along a wall, giving you more space to move around. We also supply corner shelving so you can utilise every inch of floor space. If you're setting up a DIY workspace, consider adding a workbench. Our heavy-duty workbenches hold 300kg of load weight per tier, perfect for vices, sanders, band saws, and more. These worktops have two tiers of shelving, perfect for storage of extra tools. Remember to explore our full range of products for all your shelving needs!

Transforming your shed is pretty simple, and that's the way we like things. Think about how you want to use your shed, sort through the mess, plan your layout, find the proper storage, and keep it clean. Sound good? We hope so. At G-Rack, we find storage to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Whether it's garage shelving units for your home garage, loft shelving and racking, or general home storage, we have products to suit you.

If you need advice on tidying your shed space or have other home storage needs, call us on 0191 500 6000 or email us at, and our friendly garden shed ideas UK team will assist you.

How to Organise Your Garden Shed with Shelving and Racking