Heavy Duty Racking

Our strongest racking brings the most storage we have to offer; these ultra-heavy-duty four tier shelves offer you 400kg of evenly distributed load weight per tier (1600kg across the full unit).

Available in two sizes (150 x 60cm, and 120 x 60cm) these shelves use 1.5mm thick powder coated steel beams and 15mm thick MDF boards to create extra-strong and durable racking for your garage, store room or warehouse.

Now, we know what you’re thinking; 1600kg sounds like a decent amount of weight, but what does that means in a completely arbitrary list of nonsense?

Welcome to another handy G-Rack buying guide.

  • You could fit just shy of 1/8th of Big Ben (that is the bell inside the tower, and not the tower itself). Currently debating how much money it is going to cost to get it to chime on Brexit day, if we simply wanted to take it away and store it, we would only need 9 of our shelves to hold it.
  • 2 and a half F1 cars (excluding fuel and driver). At 660kg, these lightweight, highly powered supercars could easily sit on one of our heavy duty racks even with 68kg Lewis Hamilton sitting inside.
  • 128 gold bullion. On our standard shelves you can fit 70 bars of gold, which is a fairly comfortable £15.5 million if you’re looking to start your own bank, or have ambitions of becoming a notable Bond villain.

Hopefully, if you're setting up a bank or an F1 team this will help you to know just how many racks you're going to need. 

Our extra heavy duty units are available to order online now.