How Much Weight Can You Put on Our Shelves?

Our basic, free-standing five tier shelving units use four 0.8mm thick steel legs and 5mm thick MDF boards to give a guaranteed maximum shelf load weight of 175kg per shelf.

Now, it’s all good and well us telling you that, but how much is 175kg in real money?

That’s why we’ve come up with this handy guide, using these completely relatable items, to show you just how weight your G-Rack shelving unit can take – per shelf.

  • 1.38% of a London Bus. The New Routemaster buses (based on the original 1950’s icon) in London weigh a relatively trim 12.65 tonnes (12650kg), meaning one of our standard shelves will take roughly 1.38% of one – we’re assuming the wing mirror?
  • 2 and a quarter Jordan Pickford’s. The penalty-saving England no.1 was born just down the road from us in Washington, Tyne and Wear, and could easily fit on one of our shelves if you needed him to for some reason. In fact there’s enough weight left over to fit England’s other Wearside Jordan (Henderson) and the three World Cup’s they’re going to win…(6kg each).
  • 921 Golden Delicious apples. Coming in at an average of 190g, the most delicious of all the apples (objectively), you can fit just shy of one thousand of them per shelf (we recommend evenly spaced). That’s 7.3 bushels, approximately 110 apple pies, and 2 and a half years of doctor-free days (according to the old rhyme).
  • 14 gold bullion. In these uncertain times some people might want to protect their wealth by investing in gold bullion. You can buy 14 standard gold bars (12.5kg) per shelf, which is a cool £3.1 million. If you’ve got your 50 pound notes on the next shelf down, you can store up to £7.23 million. We’re not saying it’s the most secure weigh of starting a bank, but at least the shelves won’t collapse.
  • 21.4 Mona Lisa’s. Arguably the world’s most famous unfinished masterpiece, or overrated tourist-bait (depending who you ask), Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic oil-on-wood-panel portrait measures a relatively tiny 30 x 21 inches, and weighs just 18 pounds. Meaning that if you had 21 of them, you could easily fit them on one tier of your G-Rack shelf.

Hopefully, whether you’re a baker, banker or Gareth Southgate, this gives you a feel for just how much you can fit on your G-Rack shelves.

Of course, if you need a little extra weight, you can always get one of our heavy duty shelving units that go up to 265kg per shelf.