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How Tall is a G-Rack Shelving Unit?

Our basic, free-standing five tier shelving units are built with an easily packed-flat design, where each 180cm leg is constructed from two 90cm uprights, joined together with a steel connector for a sturdy performance.

Now, in the latest of our just-how-ridiculous-can-we-make-our-comparisons series, we’re giving you a handy guide to show how many of our standard 180cm units you’d need to cover distances, if they were put end to end?

  • We’d need 3.4 units to make a shelving unit set at a convenient height for a giraffe, of course the giraffe would only need the top shelves, so it could handily allow a zebra to use the bottom shelves, as they only stand 1.5 metres tall, and the middle shelves are left for elephants that stand at 3.3m. We don’t know what they’re storing, but at least they’ve all got a space.
  • After running back to Athens to announce victory at the battle of Marathon, Philippides (a Greek messenger) promptly collapsed and died. Now considered a key athletic competition, with more than 40,000 people running the London marathon every year, if you were to run the same distance using our shelves as a guide, you’d need 23,424.89 units. Granted, it’s probably not as picturesque as running Blackheath to the Mall, but you can convert them into hurdles if you want a bigger challenge.
  • If, when our local football team made it to Wembley, we decided we’d get there by laying our units on the ground all the way from stadium to stadium, we’d need 238,456.47 units – which is a better option for what to use them for, as they definitely aren’t needed as trophy cabinets.
  • 213,726,400 units would reach the moon, although we’d have significant doubts in anyone’s ability to build that many racks, and certainly not in the three days it takes a shuttle to get there…and that’s before building them. Even if you were building the shelves at a rate of one shelf per person every ten minutes, and had 1000 people building shelves, it would still take over 40 years (with no breaks), so we think that using shelves to get to the moon might not be the best idea…

Of course, this might not help you to know how these units will fit in your room.

If you’re a little short on space, then you can go for one of our corner shelving unit – that are 150cm short, although you sacrifice a little on width and depth.

However, if you want to go taller, it is possible to extend your units by purchasing additional parts and building higher.

We would always caution safety for anyone thinking about extending their units, and in no way recommend doing so – as the safer option is to have more shelves at the designed height – however, if you are going to do so, ensure that the shelves are secured to the floor and all appropriate safety measures are in place and adhered to.

How Tall is a G-Rack Shelving Unit?