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What’s in a Rack?

You may have heard recently that G-Rack is the place to get great racks (thanks to a well-known national radio for the shout out!), but you’re not exactly sure what a G-Rack shelf is – well let us fill you in.

Our standard racking is five tier; meaning you get five individual shelves per rack. Each of those tiers is guaranteed and tested to hold 175kg of weight when evenly distributed – so 875kg evenly distributed across the whole rack! We get this strength through 0.8mm thick stainless steel frames with 5mm thick MDF shelf boards, all put together with a boltless design to make it as quick and easy as possible to get them set up and ready to use.

On our heavy duty shelves both the boards and metal work are thicker still, meaning they can hold a massive 265kg of evenly distributed weight per shelf!

However, we still need to send your racks out to you – which, given the weight and the size of the shelves, does throw up a challenge. The solution is to flat pack the units. To do that, we ship the uprights (which can come as 180cm tall) in half – so you would get eight 90cm uprights, and four upright connectors to create four 180cm legs.

Each shelf is created off those uprights using two side beams, and two front and back beams that slot easily into the uprights, the MDF boards then sit on those snugly. For extra support we have a beam tie that attaches to the front and back beams, and fits underneath the MDF board, helping to prevent any board sag.

The news gets even better – we’ve made it even simpler, by designing the shelving units with a no-nonsense boltless construction. That means all you need to do is knock the framework into place using a rubber mallet, and that will give you sturdy, secure racking units that meet all your needs.

If you’ve got your racks ready to build, but still need some guidance – take a look at our assembly instruction guides, that we’ve made available online.

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What’s in a Rack?