Pack of Eight Large Plastic Storage Bins

26 42.5 28 cm
Set of eight open fronted, stack-able plastic parts bin for storage of parts or components in your garage, workshop or warehouse, whether you're looking for storage at home, or for your business.
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26 42.5 28 cm

Product Specification

  • Pack of eight 28 x 42.5 x 26cm parts bins
  • Durable, high-quality impact-resistant thermoplastic construction
  • Reinforced sides and base for increased strength and weight capacity
  • Can hold up to a weight of 50kgs per box
  • Front space for labelling
  • Can be used on its own, stacked or wall mountable via a lip on the back of the box
  • Also available in a smaller size
26 42.5 28 cm

The perfect addition to your G-Rack storage set up, these large open-fronted plastic storage boxes can either be used as stand-alone storage for shelves or workbench, stacked together, or wall mounted using a sturdy lip at the back of the box.

Measuring in at 28 x 42.5 x 26cm, with a weight capacity of 50kgs thanks to reinforced sides and base and a durable, high-quality thermoplastic construction that gives additional strength and durability for heavy use with more, or weightier items.

The front of the box has a convenient hand hold for quick access to the contents, and there is a handy space on the front for labelling the box for quick identification.

Also available in a smaller size, these plastic storage bins are the perfect addition to your G-Rack set to complete your garage, workshop or store room.


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