Useful Instructions

Read this guide thoroughly before starting to assemble your trolley and retain for future reference.

Before you get started, unpack carefully and check all components are present and correct.

Tools - small rubber mallet.


Take Care

Take care during assembly by following these instructions, and limiting any hazards by using caution.

Be careful during assembly, and when using it, particularly when lifting or stretching - or when using tools.

Make sure you're wearing appropriate clothing - protective gloves, and footwear are recommended.

Dispose of packaging materials responsibly.

Parts You'll Need

PART A Body x 1

PART B Wheels x 2

PART C Axle x 1

PART D Washers x 2

PART E End Caps x 2


Get Started

STEP 1Push axle (Part C) through corresponding holes in the body (Part A) ensuring the axle goes through both sides.

STEP 2Slide wheels (Part B) on to the axle, on both sides of the body (Part A).

STEP 3Slide washers (Part D) on to the axle, one next to each wheel.

STEP 4Cap the end of each axle with the end caps (Part E). Secure in place with a mallet if required.

STEP 5Your truck is now complete.

Rules for Assembly

Now your truck is built and ready to use, read the below carefully and ensure that all users are aware of the rules for safe use.

Never attempt to pack a load above the recommended weight capacity, or that you cannot handle; get help, or split the load.

Ensure you are in full control of the trolley when in movement at all times. Do not use the truck on the stairs.

If you have to move loads around corridors, then get somebody else to open fire doors for you.

Never intentionally create large loads when a number of small loads is a safer alternative.