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How to Declutter Your Garage Space with Shelving and Racking

When you think of the garage, you probably think of a neatly organised hub of all things DIY. But let's face it, that's probably not the case. Many of us end up turning our garages into a makeshift tip that you enter at your own risk. If this is you, then its time to think about de-cluttering, and at G-Rack, we have a fantastic range of garage storage solutions to get you started.

Tidying the garage is likely to be at the bottom of your to-do list, alongside organising your desktop and sorting your inbox. But don't worry, you're not alone.

In the UK, 39% of drivers say they can no longer fit their car in the garage due to mess. A RAC study showed that 4.6 million of Britain's 10.6 million garages are used solely for storing clutter.

So, if you're within the 50% of UK homeowners who admit that the garage is the most dis-organised area of the house, you might want to check out G-Rack's guide to de-cluttering the garage.

Start Decluttering 

Beginning your journey to a tidy garage is simple - set aside some time for cleaning, and make a plan. You don't want to rush when it comes to cleaning out the garage, so make sure you give yourself a good few hours to get going.

Next, you need to get rid of what you don't need. There's probably a few bikes the kids have outgrown, a rusty old BBQ set, and a broken fridge that you can't believe you still own. It's best to organise everything into piles; what you want to keep, what you can sell, and what you want to throw away.

So remember:

  • Set aside a day for cleaning
  • Make a plan
  • Organise your items into piles

Organise what you want to keep

 Next, you need to organise what your 'keep' pile. You may have some exercise equipment, some golf clubs, gardening tools and more. Now that you're your new organised self, you don't just want to chuck them all in a corner to forget about (again).

With all of this extra space, you can start to imagine your new garage layout. Now is the time to think about where things are going, and what format will help you maximise your space.

So remember:

  • Give away or sell the stuff you don't want
  • Sort out your 'keep' pile
  • Think about layout

Find the right garage storage 

Now, you're standing in your lovely, clutter-free garage, with your stuff piled in various corners on the floor. You may be asking yourself, where can I find storage for my garage? Well, that's where we come in.

At G-Rack, we have a fantastic range of garage shelving and racking to help you get the most out of your garage space. We know that everyone has different storage requirements, so we've broken down our product range to help you build the best garage racking system for your space.

G-Rack Garage Racking

(Image: 180x120x60cm Garage Shelving Units)

Let's start with standard units. Our standard shelving units are perfect for storing things like tools, toys, boxes, and more. With 175kg of load weight per tier, you can organise multiple items with ease. These units have robust metal constructions, with thick MDF boards and stainless steel support beams for extra durability.

If you have a little more stuff to organise, or you want to set up a DIY station, you might want to think about creating a racking system. You can combine our freestanding garage storage racks along a wall, and even add in some corner racking to fully utilise your space.

If you have more space to work with, you can check out our widespan shelving. We know that space can be hard to come by, so if you're low on room, you can take a look at our reduced space boltless shelving units. We also have a selection of garage workbenches that can add extra tiers of storage while providing a worktop space, ideal for all you DIY enthusiasts out there.

G-Rack Garage Shelving System

(Image: G-Rack Garage Racking System)

You might have some bulkier items to organise, and that's not a problem, thanks to our range of heavy-duty garage shelving. These robust units have a massive 265kg of load weight per tier so you can load them intensively. Our heavy-duty shelving is complete with 6.8mm thick, moisture resistant MDF boards that tackle heavy loads comfortably.

G-Rack Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

( Image: 180x90x60cm Heavy Duty Garage Shelving Units)

Best of all, our shelving for garages come with an easy-build boltless design, so you can get set up quickly without any fuss.

Next, you need to make sure your garage shelving units look the part. Our shelving is available in blue, red, black, and grey powder-coated finishes. We also provide units with anti-corrosion galvanized metal.

You can view our full garage shelving range here

So remember:

  • Think about your items
  • Pick the right storage for you

Keep it tidy! 

Finally, the easiest part - keep your garage tidy! Don't go back to your old, cluttered ways. Make sure you dedicate a little time to keeping your garage neat and avoid overloading it an unwanted mess.

For all of your home storage needs, visit us at our website, or give us a call on 0191 500 6000 to speak to our friendly UK team.

How to Declutter Your Garage Space with Shelving and Racking