Finding the Best Fish Tank Shelves

Finding the Best Fish Tank Shelves and Aquarium Racks

We often receive inquiries at G-Rack about storing tanks, cages, fish tank racks, aquarium racks and shelves on our shelving units, making us the go-to solution for pet relocations. Whether you're housing reptiles or fish, we offer ideal shelving and racking options to provide your pets with a safe and secure home. This comprehensive guide will help you pick the perfect G-Rack shelving unit for your needs.

To ensure that your aquarium stand is securely stored, consider a few things. Firstly, ensure you have a clear idea of the weight of your tanks. This will help you choose a fish tank racking system that comfortably supports weight. Additionally, measure your tanks to confirm they fit the dimensions of the shelves. This is a simple yet crucial step to ensure a proper fit. Our shelving units are designed to accommodate aquariums of various sizes, providing flexibility and peace of mind. Explore our options today if you're looking for an efficient and secure solution to your pet storage needs.

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing An Aquarium Shelf

By carefully considering the following factors, you can choose the right aquarium shelf that provides a secure and stable foundation for your aquarium tank and enhances the overall aesthetic of your aquatic display.

  1. Weight Capacity: When selecting a shelf for your aquarium, it is imperative to ensure that it can bear the weight of your tank. This includes considering the tank's weight, water, and decorations. G-Rack aquarium racks provide sturdy metal construction, thick MDF boards reinforced by stainless steel beams, and can hold a weight of 175kg per tier and 875kg per rack. Additionally, rubber feet are included to ensure stability.
  2. Dimensions and Fit: When placing an aquarium on a shelf, measure its dimensions and choose a spacious shelf that can bear the weight of the tank and equipment. For larger tanks, use heavy-duty shelving that can hold up to 265kg of load weight per tier.
  3. Material and Durability: Select a shelf made from durable and water-resistant materials to withstand the aquarium environment. Materials like stainless steel or moisture-resistant wood are excellent for long-lasting and sturdy support. Our shelving units are designed with durable load weights on each of the five tiers, providing confidence in storing multiple tanks per rack.
  4. Ventilation and Accessibility: Ensure the shelf design allows for proper ventilation around the aquarium, preventing moisture buildup. Additionally, consider accessibility for routine tank maintenance, ensuring you can reach all areas easily. 
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: Choose an aquarium shelf that complements your overall décor and style. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a more rustic look, selecting a shelf that aligns with your aesthetic preferences enhances the visual appeal of your aquarium setup. Whether you opt for our standard shelving with a load weight of 175kg per tier or our heavy-duty range for larger units, our units provide strength and is an aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

How to Build a Fish Tank Racking System With G-Rack Shelving Units

Creating a fish tank racking system with G-Rack Shelving units can be simple and efficient. Following these steps and utilising G-Rack Shelving units, you can build a strong and organised fish tank rack that provides a secure and tidy space for your aquarium. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Materials Needed For An Aquarium Shelf

  1. G-Rack Shelving Unit
  2. Plywood or MDF boards (for additional shelves if needed)
  3. Screws and screwdriver or power drill
  4. Level
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Rubber mallet (optional)
  7. Fish tanks


  1. Measure Your Fish Tanks: Determine the dimensions of your fish tanks, including length, width, and height. This will guide the spacing and layout of your shelving system.
  2. Choose G-Rack Shelving Units: Select the appropriate G-Rack Shelving units from our vast collection based on the size and weight capacity needed for your fish tanks. Consider the load weight per tier to ensure it can support the tanks securely.
  3. Plan Shelving Layout: Plan the layout of your fish tank racking system, considering the number of tanks and their dimensions. Ensure there is enough space between shelves for easy access and maintenance.
  4. Assemble G-Rack Shelving Units: Follow the assembly instructions provided with the G-Rack Shelving units. Typically, it involves connecting the vertical posts to the horizontal beams and adding the shelves. Use a rubber mallet if needed for a secure fit.
  5. Add Additional Shelves (Optional): If your fish tanks are shorter in height, add additional shelves using plywood or MDF boards. Secure these additional shelves to the existing G-Rack shelves using screws.
  6. Level the Shelving Units: Use a level to ensure that each G-Rack shelving unit is level and stable. Adjust the feet or use shims if needed.
  7. Arrange Fish Tanks: Place your fish tanks onto the shelves, ensuring they are evenly distributed to maintain balance. Check that the shelving system can comfortably support the weight of the tanks.
  8. Secure Tanks to Shelves (Optional): For added stability, you may choose to secure the fish tanks to the shelves using straps or brackets. This is especially important if you live in an earthquake-prone area.
  9. Final Adjustments: Double-check the stability and level of the entire racking system. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the safety and security of your fish tanks.

 Are G-Rack Shelving Units Safe for My Fish Tanks?

Our aquarium racks come in different sizes and load-bearing capacities. You can store multiple tanks per rack with durable load weights on each of the five tiers. The shelving is fully adjustable and has a boltless design for easy assembly. The standard shelving can hold 175kg per tier, while the heavy-duty shelving can hold 265kg per tier. Here are the amazing features of G-Rack shelves and why they are safe for your fish tanks.

  • Our shelves fit smaller tanks comfortably with 90cm width and 40cm depth.
  • Our wide shelving units are perfect for storing large tanks. With a width of 120cm and generous depths, you'll have plenty of space for your aquatic friends.
  • Our heavy-duty shelving is perfect for storing larger tanks or aquariums. Each rack is designed to withstand intense loads. durability. They measure 90cm in height, 120cm in width, and 60cm in depth.
  • Our shelving and racking offer five storage tiers, allowing you to save one shelf for storing fish food and cleaning products for your tank.
  • We also supply spare shelves to add an extra storage tier to your unit.
  • G-Rack is adjustable. You can fit it to your needs, even with a taller tank. Remove a tier for added height without damage.
  • Our design allows you to split your rack into two smaller bays, giving you closer access to the floor. The height is made of two 90cm beams connected by an upright piece, with rolled edges for extra durability.
  • Our shelving units have a boltless design, so you won't need screws or bolts to assemble them. Use a rubber mallet (sold separately) to knock the stainless steel framework into place.
  • Our shelving provides real strength and a seamless storage solution. 
  • Our units are strong with metal constructions and thick MDF boards supported by stainless steel beams for durability without bowing or sagging.
  • Our units also come with rubber feet for optimum stability.
  • Our standard shelving comes with a load weight of 175kg per tier, which gives you a massive 875kg per rack. 
  • Check out our heavy-duty shelving range if you have a larger fish tank. These racks hold up to 265kg of load weight per tier, supporting up to 1325kg per rack.

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Aquarium Rack Sizes and Matching Aquarium Shelf Weight Capacities

It's essential to consider an aquarium's weight when filled with water and substrate rather than its weight when empty. Even if an aquarium's size suits a table or stand, its filled weight might be too heavy for some furniture. A gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds, which means that 180-gallon aquariums can weigh more than a ton. The weight of an empty aquarium varies depending on its material and accessories. For instance, acrylic aquariums weigh slightly less than glass aquariums of the same size. It's best to calculate the filled weight of the aquarium you want and ensure that the aquarium stands you can handle.

Ensuring your aquarium rack's shelving units can support your aquarium's weight is essential. To make this easier, you can use the following chart as a quick reference guide for matching fish tank rack sizes with corresponding aquarium shelf weight capacities:

Rack Size

Shelf Weight Capacity

Ideal Tank Sizes

Small (60cm - 90cm)

175kg per tier

10-30 gallon aquariums

Medium (90cm - 120cm)

265kg per tier

30-75 gallon aquariums

Large (120cm - 150cm)

300kg per tier

75-150 gallon aquariums

Extra Large (150cm+)

350kg per tier

150+ gallon aquariums

Note: The weight capacities are based on evenly distributed loads. Always consider the size and weight of your specific aquariums when planning your fish tank rack setup.

This chart serves as a helpful guide to ensure that your chosen fish tank rack size aligns with the weight capacity needed to support your aquariums securely. Properly matching these elements contributes to the safety and stability of your aquatic display.

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After reading this, you can find the best fish tank shelves available at G-Rack. It is important to ensure that the shelving units are safe and secure for pets. The tank's weight and the shelf's size should be considered before purchasing. G-Rack shelving units are safe for fish tanks and have a load-bearing capacity of up to 875kg per rack. The standard shelving suits smaller tanks, while the wide shelving is ideal for larger tanks. The heavy-duty workbenches are perfect for those looking for smaller units that offer a heavy load weight. The G-Rack range is fully adjustable, and spare shelves are available. The boltless design makes assembly easy; customers can contact the UK team for further assistance. So call us at 0191 500 6000, or drop us an email at, and we'll get your pets sorted out in no time!


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 FAQs on fish tank shelves

What are the benefits of using an aquarium rack over traditional aquarium stands?

Aquarium racks, such as our boltless shelving units, offer enhanced stability and versatility compared to traditional stands. The robust construction and adjustable features make them suitable for various tank sizes and provide efficient use of space.

How do I choose the right aquarium shelf for my tank size?

Consider the size and weight of your aquarium when selecting a shelf. Our shelving units contain weight capacity information, ensuring you choose one that securely supports your tank. Measure the tank's dimensions to find a suitable match.

Can I find aquarium stands in the UK with customisable features?

Absolutely! Our boltless shelving units are available in the UK and offer customisation options. You can adjust shelf heights to accommodate different tank sizes and create a tailored setup for your aquarium display.

Are boltless shelving units easy to assemble for aquarium use?

Yes, our boltless shelving units are designed for easy assembly. With a simple design and no need for screws or bolts, you can effortlessly set up the shelving system using only a rubber mallet, providing a hassle-free solution for your aquarium needs.

Can I use aquarium racks for other storage purposes besides tanks?

Certainly! Our versatile aquarium racks can be repurposed for various storage needs. Whether for organising aquarium supplies, books, or other items, the adjustable features and sturdy construction make them suitable for a range of applications.