Get organised this bank holiday!

You can't beat a good bank holiday - it's a great time to relax with the family, fire up the BBQ, and enjoy the weather in the garden (hopefully!). However it's also the perfect opportunity to crack on with those odd jobs you've been meaning to do; whether you're fixing things around the house, organising clutter, or working in the shed, we've got just what you need to get going.

We'll start things off with the DIY enthusiasts amongst you - Our workbenches are a fantastic addition to your garage/shed space. They can hold a massive 300KG per shelf when evenly loaded, that's a huge 600KG per workbench, thanks to the twin beam ties under each shelf level to give extra support to each shelf, and 6.8mm thick MDF boards to help spread the load across the frame with our bowing or sagging. We also do a great range of heavy duty shelving units, perfect for storing some of the heavier tools/equipment you may be using.

We know that you have all been stuck inside for the past few months, and many of you will have seen clutter start to accumulate, but don't worry, our shelving units can take care of that for you. We have a great range of workbenches and racking systems suitable for different environments: we have our reduced space range which is ideal for organising areas of the house where space is at a premium, our wide/deep shelving range for those of you with a little more space to work with.

If you don't really need a shelving unit but still have some mess to organise here and there, our range of storage bins might be just what you're looking for. These stackable plastic bins will do the trick for storing parts or components in your garage, workshop, or bedrooms.

Hopefully, this gave you a better idea of what you might need to get organised this bank holiday. Don't forget, it's business as usual here at G-Rack, our customer service team are on hand for any queries you may have, and we're still shipping our products out as normal. From all of us here at G-Rack, we hope you're all keeping safe and well at the moment, and have a great weekend!