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How to Build the Perfect Racking System

Do you ever find yourself pondering life’s biggest questions? Things like; how did the universe begin? What's the meaning of life? And finally, how do I build the perfect shelving system? We can’t help you with the first two, but we can certainly help you optimize your home storage space.

We’ll start with getting measured up - whether you’re organizing the garage, shed, or bedrooms, you’ll need to establish just how much space you’ve got to work with. We’d recommend clearing the area and using a tape measure to get the circumference of the room. We offer shelving units with heights of 180cm and 150cm, widths of 75cm, 90cm, 120cm, and 150cm, and depths of 30cm, 40cm, 45cm, and 60cm, so use your measurements to work out which shelves are right for you.

If you’re using your shelving units in the house, we recommend looking at our standard/reduced space range. Our smaller, five-tier shelving units are just 75cm wide and 30cm deep, meaning you can store them in small spaces, even in the cupboard! Usually, stand-alone units do the trick in the bedroom/lounge, but you can combine multiple units using bay connectors if you have more space to play with. Many of our customers use their racking for pantry storage; usually, one or two standard bays will be enough for your home. However, if you're buying these racks for a restaurant or catering company, we'd suggest 4-5 units of our wide shelving units, joined together and placed neatly by a wall.

Next, we’ll look at garage storage; this is where you can get creative with your G-Rack shelving systems. Whether you’ve got loads of space or seemingly none, we have a garage storage solution for you. We recommend having a racking system in your garage that gives you a place to store your tools and also a surface to work on, so it's a good idea to combine full units with our shelving with workbenches if you can. Our workbenches hold a massive 265kg per tier, so you can get to work without worrying about laying your heavy equipment down.

If you're storing camping equipment, sports stuff, or clothing, we'd suggest using a few bays of our corner shelving unit - they will transform your space and minimize clutter. For those of you looking to store heavy tools and garden equipment, we'd recommend using our heavy-duty units. Also, when you put our units together, you join two 90cm uprights with connectors, meaning you have the option to build your shelves at half-height and use them along-side your full units.

When setting up a warehouse, our ultra heavy duty shelving are the best option. Again, we recommend creating a plan for the room after you’ve done your measurements to make the most of your space. In a warehouse, it's best to join your units with bay connectors and keep them spaced evenly apart so you and your workers can move around efficiently. Our ultra-heavy-duty units that hold a massive 256kg of evenly distributed weight per tier, that’s a huge 1600kg in total – these racks are perfect for intensive use in your warehouse. This range comes in H180xW150xD60cm and H180xW120xD60cm, so you have options when it comes to width.

Don't forget - our racking systems have a boltless design, meaning you don't have to mess around with the nuts and bolts!

We hope this will give you a few more ideas for putting together your perfect racking system - if you need any advice or guidance, feel free to drop us an email at or call our UK team on 0191 500 6000.

How to Build the Perfect Racking System