New Year, New You, New Shelves

The leftover turkey is finally gone, the boxes of Christmas chocolates are down to the ones nobody really likes, and you’re just about up to date with the day of the week – and whether or not the bins are going to be collected.

The clocks have clicked forward into a new decade and in a moment of madness you decided that your resolution this year is going to be getting more organised.

Now you’re looking around in a heavy-headed haze at the collected debris of the last few weeks; all those gifts you need to find room for, the Christmas decorations need to be put away, not to mention all those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off, and getting organized seems a much harder task than it did a few hours ago.

Whether this is cutting a little close to the bone, or we lost you way back at leftover turkey, it’s worth keeping in mind that now is a great time to be the new, more-organised you.

In the past 30 years the average value of the contents in British homes has gone up 133%, and not just because of the cost of living is going up, but because we have started accumulating more stuff, and sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of it all.

There are tangible benefits to getting organised as well; 67% of people say that they would save up to 30 minutes a day if they were more organized; that’s a massive 7 and a half days of free time over the course of a year, which probably helps to explain that 82% of people believe that if they were more organized, their quality of life would improve.

Of course if your resolution is based on being healthier it’s worth bearing in mind that 44% of people say they make unhealthy food choices when their home is messy. 40% of people feel guilty, depressed or anxious about the disorganization in their home, and is one of the most common stress triggers.

Generalising slightly, making the effort to get more organised can help to make you healthier, happier, and more efficient, whether you’re improving your home or work life – but the question is how do you do it? Unsurprisingly, our answer is shelving.

There are plenty of areas where you can improve the storage around your home or office, however nothing beats a fully kitted out room with plenty of storage space to pack away all of those items you don’t need day to day.

Maybe fit out your basement or attic space (check to ensure your floor can take the weight before you get started!) for storing seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, or things that you’re keeping for the future – like kids toys.

Create yourself a workspace in the garage with shelving and workbenches that offer you a great amount of storage for your DIY or garden essentials.

When you’re looking to store your heavier items, you’ll want to look at our heavy duty shelving.

These shelves use a thicker stainless steel framework than our standard shelving units, and a thicker MDF board for the shelves, which means you can hold a huge 265kg of evenly distributed weight per shelf (1325kg per unit) – meaning you’ll be able to store all of your home clutter away with ease.

So if your “new me” for the new year needs some help getting to grips with organising (or even if “old me” needs some help), check out the full range of shelving to get started.